Tour Highlights

  • Departing Broome we fly over the stunning pindan cliffs and turquoise waters of Roebuck Bay passing the vast mangroves and wetlands of Roebuck Plains as we track toward the spectacular Wunaamin Conservation Park.
  • Flying over the Fitzroy River we approach the Napier Range, mostly made from heavily eroded limestone with the ridges composed of an ancient Devonian reef system.
  • On arrival into the scenic oasis of Mount Hart, settle in for a hearty breakfast at the Settlers Restaurant, and then learn about the pioneers of Mount Hart.
  • Embark on an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure on a helicopter tour through some of the Kimberley's most stunning sights.
  • Soar through Gateway Gorge and head north to experience the Isdell Valley transform into a picturesque gorge, with breathtaking waterfalls cascading into the river below. Follow the river’s course to the Walcott Inlet where you can witness the beauty of the WA outback in all its natural glory, immersing yourself in the true essence of the West Kimberley.
  • On return to Mount Hart, enjoy a delicious lunch at the Settlers restaurant.
  • After lunch, jump aboard a 4WD safari tour vehicle and head out for the afternoon to explore the stunning Mount Hart region. Guests can choose to either visit Matthew Gorge for a light hike to the cascading natural spa for a refreshing swim or, head to Barker Pool for a light hike to explore the range and view indigenous rock art before a refreshing swim. 
  • Learn about the cultural aspects of the land and hear the dreamtime stories from Sunset Hill and Barker Pool.
  • As the sun gently sets over the mesmerising Mount Hart, enjoy a captivating sunset flight back to Broome via the Horizontal Waterfalls, the Buccaneer Archipelago and the stunning Dampier Peninsula coastline.

*Due to scheduled tour times at Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge, we cannot guarantee the amount or level of water flowing through the Horizontal Falls on the return flight due to the varying tides.

Photo Gallery